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About Us

Surfing and the Ocean is our Way of Life

Mission Statement

"To provide the most memorable and safe wave-riding experience that promotes an appreciation for the surf and ocean lifestyle."

St. Croix Surf & SUP is the first and only locally-owned and licensed Surf School in St. Croix, USVI that was founded in 2022 by lifelong Crucian Surfer Bryce Scott and his wife Amanda Dimas.

A passion to share our love of St. Croix and the ocean led us to open St. Croix Surf & SUP, LLC. We strive to provide the best surf and SUP experience that will be fun, exhilarating, and safe. With over 30 years of local ocean knowledge, you are guaranteed to enjoy your time in the water. Your safety is our top priority which is why we have an instructor with extensive wave and water experience. We are CPR and First Aid certified.

Meet Our Staff

We are a husband and wife duo that wants to share our unique way of life. Bryce has a lifetime of experience surfing and teaching other people how to surf on St. Croix. He has even taught Amanda to bodyboard and is working on her surf skills. Bryce's surf skills and local ocean knowledge make him the instructor you want teaching you how to surf and SUP. Amanda fell in love with St. Croix over 4 years ago and looks forward to the days she can ride waves with Bryce. She handles most of the business-y stuff but also assists Bryce in the water. Our goal is to share our love of the ocean and St. Croix. By the end of the session, you will be stoked about the surf and ocean lifestyle.


Bryce Scott

Owner and Instructor

Bryce learned to surf on St. Croix when he was just six years old. His parents taught him to surf at Ha'Penny Beach, which is one of the locations where he conducts lessons. Not only does Ha'Penny have perfect beginner waves, but it is also a meaningful spot for Bryce.

Bryce has over 30 years of experience riding waves and being in the water. Surfing and being in the ocean are his life. Bryce has surfed all over the Caribbean, East Coast, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and even Indonesia. He has taught people how to surf for many years and enjoys showing people his lifestyle. When he isn’t surfing or bodyboarding, Bryce can be found mountain biking, snorkeling, spearfishing, or exploring his island home.


Amanda Dimas

Owner and Assistant

Amanda grew up in the Northeast and loved summers spent by the beach. Moving to St. Croix in 2018 exposed her to an endless summer with access to beaches year-round.

Bryce has been teaching Amanda to bodyboard and surf. With no prior experience surfing or bodyboarding, Bryce has fostered a love and appreciation of this lifestyle in Amanda. She loves spending time in the water with Bryce and gets excited when there are waves to surf.

When she isn't working or riding waves, Amanda can be found reading a good book, mountain biking, snorkeling, or exploring St. Croix with Bryce.

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